10 classic marriage blocking games are fun and easy to cooperate

/October 2021

Marriage blocking games is a very good way to increase the atmosphere of the wedding. The blocking games should be appropriate. If it is too difficult or excessive, it will not be good. Then what kind of wedding blocking games are fun and can help the wedding without going too far? Let’s take a look at 10 classic wedding blocking games compiled by the wedding editor.

1. Brush your teeth with mustard

Putting mustard on the toothbrush and letting the best man hold it to brush his teeth, he smiled miserably when he watched the groom's awe-inspiring face.

2. Touch your hands to find the bride

The groom wears a blindfold and touches his hand to find the bride. Once there was a groom who kept touching his uncle's hand and turned the audience laughing.

3. Step on the fingerboard:

The best man princess hugged the groom across the long finger-pressing board, which was so sour to think about.

4. Masked stockings

It is okay to put the groom and the best man in stockings for dancing or exercise. These deformed faces will surely make the atmosphere of the scene to the extreme, and the test is whether the relationship between the best man and the groom is iron.

5. Mahjong in ice cubes

You can imagine the unbearable suffering just by looking at it. Picking up mahjong tiles from the ice cubes with your toes and placing them as I love u, the test is the super endurance of the groom. The upgraded version is to pick out the mahjong of the designated suit. That is to say, the groom not only needs to pick it up with his toes but also needs to dig through the ice cubes. It can't help but sing, and it feels sad.

6. Clip the balloon

Squeeze the balloons. The groomsmen and groomsmen stand in line to squeeze the balloons. This game is very fun.

7. Dancing in high heels

The best man puts on high heels and jumps to the apple, which is particularly exciting to think about.

8. Tear the plastic wrap on your face

Hold the cling film with both hands, you can only use your face to break and pierce the cling film, which is the fastest and the most powerful

9. Apply lipstick on push-ups

Simple and rude, let the groom lie on the best man to do the required number of push-ups, and at the same time help the best man put on lipstick. This game tests the physical strength of the groom!

10. The groom answers the question

Answer the following questions. The answer is correct if the bride is satisfied. If the answer is wrong, the bridegroom should be punished and a love song or a love word should be sung.

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