30 details to pay attention to in the whole process of wedding-2

/September 2021

5. look ahead, behave naturally, don't look around.

The bride should not always look at the skirt, and the bridegroom should not look around but must show the confidence and elegance that the newlyweds should have.

6. The bridesmaids arrange the skirt for the bride at the right time.

It is inconvenient for the bride to walk alone in her wedding dress, especially when she has a long tail, so the bridesmaids should help the bride arrange her skirt at the right time.

7. to prevent stepping on the wedding dress, kick it out with your toes when you walk.

The posture of walking must be beautiful, even if you accidentally step on the wedding dress, you should adjust it as if nothing had happened. After all, you are the focus of the whole audience today.

8. when carrying a wedding dress by hand, you should not lift it too high and don't show your tiptoes.

When the bride is dragging her skirt, the most beautiful action is to gently lift the front middle of the skirt or both hands to lift both sides of the wedding dress, but do not lift it too high, so as not to affect walking and do not show tiptoes.

9. The little flower girl should not scatter the petals in front of the newlyweds.

When entering the arena, it is very good to find two flower girls to scatter petals in front of them, but have you ever thought that children's hand and foot coordination is not very good? there are often cases in which flower girls do not leave when they scatter their petals, and when they leave, they do not scatter.

So isn't it a good idea to suggest little flower girls not to sprinkle their petals, let them hold hands, and lead the way in front of the newlyweds with a fairy stick?

Perfect standing posture

10. After the newlyweds step onto the stage and stand still, the bridegroom should hold the bride's hand.

On your wedding day, you can be said to be the strongest IP in the universe. Besides holding hands and sticking together, is there a better way of loving each other?

When the newlyweds stand, the bridegroom should be on the right side of the bride.

This probably comes from the tradition of ancient Europe, where it is said that the bride stands on the left side of the bridegroom, making it easier for the bridegroom to draw his sword against the enemy with his right hand if necessary so that the bride can be better protected.

12. when the two stand together, they both stand slightly inward, in the shape of an "eight".

The advantage of standing like this is that it is neither too greasy nor sweet.

13. Never forget: raise your head, straighten your back, tuck in your abdomen and keep your chest out.

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