30 details to pay attention to in the whole process of wedding-3

/September 2021

turn around gracefully

14. Turn gently and move neatly.

The bride should embody the noble temperament in the wedding and should avoid any big moves. When you need to turn around, the body should rotate at the same time with the footsteps, the range should be gentle, the movement should be sharp. If the wedding dress or dress skirt is large, when turning around, you can gently grasp the skirt edge and brace up slightly with a hand opposite to the rotation direction.

/ generous kiss /.

15. During the kissing session, the newlyweds should be generous and not coy.

The couple's kiss is carried out after the couple is officially announced as husband and wife in the ceremony. When kissing, they can be naturally generous and affectionate to express their feelings of happiness, but avoid excessive forgetfulness. If not, you can learn from Wu Qilong's practice.

/ keep smiling /.

16. At the wedding, remember to keep smiling at all times.

Keeping a smile will not only make you look more beautiful but also share your happiness with your friends and relatives. It should be noted that the bride should avoid laughing, which will deepen the lines of the foundation on the lips and destroy the overall makeup.

/ bow appropriately /.

17. Bow to the guests, lean forward 15-20 degrees, and pause for 2 seconds.

In traditional Chinese weddings, a deep bow, that is, a 90-degree bow is required to express the highest degree of gratitude. However, the commonly used bowing etiquette does not require the full use of deep bowing. Bowing is also a time to test the tacit understanding of the newlyweds, try to keep the movements consistent.

/ exchange rings /.

18. Bridesmaids should avoid appearing on the camera when newlyweds exchange rings.

When the bridegroom removes the ring from the ring pillow, the bridesmaid should take the bride's bouquet and quickly put it aside. After the bridegroom has finished wearing it for the bride, the bridesmaid comes over and asks the bride to take the ring from the ring pillow. When the bridesmaids put on the ring on the stage, they should go around to the back of the newlyweds and give the ring to the audience.

19. When you get married, you should wear it on the ring finger of the left hand.

The action of wearing the ring must be slow, with the back of the hand facing the audience at 45 degrees. On the one hand, it is to give the guests a chance to enjoy and witness the whole process, and on the other hand, it is also convenient for photography and photography. It will look very elegant.

If the bride wears gloves, she should try on the wedding ring during the rehearsal.

The aim is to see if the wedding ring can be worn, and if you can't, you should take off your gloves before the ceremony begins.

21. The bride's veil was lifted by the bridegroom after wearing the ring.

The veil at the ceremony is suitable for long, noble, and mysterious, and it is usually kissed when it is lifted. Presumably, Chen Xiao this wave of a veil, a lot of girls have not yet recovered.

/ marriage etiquette /.

22. Marriage testimonies and other speeches can be rolled up in advance and tied with red ribbons.

The advantage of rolling up in this way, on the one hand, is beautiful and festive, on the other hand, it also adds a full sense of ritual. Does it seem particularly dignified for the witness and parents to open it slowly when they make a speech?

23. When the witness speaks, the newlyweds should listen carefully.

Don't be bored with two people and whisper at the same time. Marriage witnesses are generally more prestigious elders, and his speech is also a great affirmation of your marriage.

/ throwing bouquets /.

24. When throwing a bouquet, the arm bends naturally. Don't stretch it too straight.

With a smile on her face, the bride throws the bouquet to the high back position with a little effort, and the range of action should not be too large. In this way, not only is it elegant but also the arc of the bouquet will be more beautiful.

/ toast details /.

25. Newcomers should go to the middle of the stage when they stand on the stage to make a toast.

On the one hand, you are the protagonists of the wedding day, and of course, the protagonists should stand in the middle of the stage; on the other hand, it is easy to take care of the feelings of guests.

26. When the newlyweds drink a cup of wine, they will hold the glass with their right hand.

If one holds the glass with the left hand and the other with the right hand, it is impossible to carry out such a ceremony. When holding the glass, you should unify and hold the cup with your right hand. Of course, you can use your left hand.

27. The wedding banquet has more than 40 tables, so the time of toast and dressing should be controlled within 10 minutes.

At this time, we are racing against the clock and fighting for time. I'm afraid the guests will leave after dinner.

/ parents' dress /.

28. Prepare a suit of clothes for your parents.

A wedding is a major event in a couple's life, so is it not for their parents? If you want to express your gratitude to your parents, you can prepare a formal dress for your mother and a suit for your father.

/ props /.

29. It is recommended that you do not use concierge flowers when entering the arena.

The colored paper of concierge flowers is easy to stick to the newlyweds' hair, and the newlyweds' hair is often moussed again, but once it is glued, it is not easy to shake off. Colorful hair will affect the overall beauty.

/ the most important point /.

The most important point is that no matter how tight the time is, you must rehearse.

We must also choose a good emcee. I don't think I need to emphasize the importance of the emcee.

Finally, Mo Mo would like to remind everyone that in case the formal ceremony is not in line with the rehearsal, do not correct the emcee on the stage. if this happens, you will make a mistake, and a good emcee will help you adjust it in time.

Looking at the whole 30 details that need to be paid attention to in one breath, do you want to take a notebook and write it down?

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