50 recommended wedding creative interactive games-2

/October 2021

21. Find something: hide the same designated item in advance, and everyone on the spot starts to look for it to see who can find it.

22. Shake: Put all post-it notes on the guests and shake their bodies within the specified time. In the end, whoever has the least will win.

23. Fight speed: prepare 10 drinks in front of a few participating guests, and see who can finish it fastest.

24. Memory test: Give a few minutes to remember the names of the entire table, and the first person who can remember them all wins the grand prize.

25. Dubbing game: Intercept some animation video clips, welcome the courageous guests to try dubbing.

26. Guess who he is: Give a photo of the newcomer when he was young, and can anyone find it quickly and accurately.

27. Gift auction: The gifts prepared by the new couple will be auctioned in the form of drinking, and the one who bids the most beer glasses will be on stage and win prizes.

28. Drinking beer with a milk bottle: Drinking beer with a milk bottle is a technical job. Who can drink beer first will win.

29. Ring: Prepare some gifts on the spot and put them on the stage, invite the children to come up, each person has 3 chances, whoever can put the ring on the gift can take it away.

30. Hand in salary card: The groom handed in the salary card on the spot and promised in front of everyone.

31. Guess the number: The newcomer chooses the number from 1-1000 as the bomb. Everyone guesses and keeps narrowing the range. The person who guesses at the end will be punished.

32. Guess the red envelope: the same method as above, whoever guessed the amount of the red envelope correctly can take the red envelope!

33. Team game: The host has a few questions about the newcomer. Everyone will stand in the team, and if you win, you will enter the next question. If you lose, you will be eliminated. The one who persists to the end will win!

34. Vital capacity competition: Two people blow each other’s balloons to see who has the most vital capacity. Blow the other’s balloons first.

35. Voice red envelope: the newcomer packs the voice red envelope. Say a word of wish for everyone to bless you, everyone to grab the red envelope must be blessing you~

36. Reverse the truth: the newcomer gave a sentence, and the guest quickly reacted to how the sentence was reversed and told the host.

37. Bibi who is knowledgeable: similar to the idiom solitaire, one round each round, everyone has to say a word, and the opposite is true.

38. Collect items: The host reports a few items to see who can find these items first and bring them to the stage.

39. Carrot Squat: I believe everyone knows how to play this game without explaining it.

40. Who is the undercover agent: The hints that the undercover agent gets are different from those of others. The people in the audience will vote together who is the undercover agent!

41. Eating grapes: The groom can only use his mouth to eat the 9 grapes hanging around the bride's neck. He can't do it. The scene must be super beautiful, screaming again and again!

42. Recognizing lip prints: Print multiple lip prints on paper in advance to test the groom's eyesight.

43. The secret is open: each guest can write a question on a small note, and the newcomer must answer when they are drawn. It's time to learn about their private affairs~

44. Physical test: The bridegroom and princess hug the bride around the venue for a week. It will be completed in a limited time. If it is not completed, please start again~

45. Nongfu Spring is a bit sweet: The groom stands on a stool and clamps the mineral water with his legs, and asks the bride to unscrew it with his mouth and take a sip, shouting "Nongfu Spring is a bit sweet", and the atmosphere instantly explodes!

46. Push-ups: The person who loses the game does push-ups up and down.

47. Fifty cents: The host shouts out the numbers, everyone starts to cling to each other, and the singles are eliminated.

48. Grab the stool: Randomly play music, the music stops and starts to grab the stool, the ones that are not grabbed are eliminated, and the winner gets a prize.

49. Storytelling: Anyone who has an interesting story with the newcomer can share it.

50. Guess the drink: Invite a few guests to come up for a drink. One of them is specially made. You should guess who is the one who has the fake drink based on the performance of the guests. 

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