A camping wedding in the forest

/September 2021

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"Let the adventure begin" is the preview of the wedding theme "Outdoor Wedding-camping in the Forest". 

In this styling shot by Herzensangelegenheiten-weddings & events, the natural beauty of the forest inspires the wedding theme. 

Photographer Jennifer Schubert captured creative moments in all the details at Allg ä u Betzigau. 

However, getting married in the forest means choosing a magical location for a small outdoor wedding. 

Therefore, natural color is necessary, using brown, rust, beige, white, and fog green to enhance the atmosphere. 

The colorful, spring embellishment in this scene is bright orange, which is also found in My Bulli's Volkswagen Bulli. 

The car rolled into an adventure with the bride and groom directly after the wedding ceremony, making it a unique camping honeymoon. 

A forest is a magical place for weddings, especially in this day and age, the perfect place for small outdoor weddings. 

After the ceremony, go straight to Volkswagen Bulli's adventure. 

On the backpack and. 

Let the adventure begin! 

In the spirit of modern individualism, the groom wears a gray striped suit and brown leather shoes from Wolfram S M ä one mode. 

He has a perfect correspondence with his charming bride in translucent bohemian lace, with an elegant and light skirt by Brautmode Mitzi. 

Like ornaments, lace embroidery grows in the narrow bands of the neckline and shoulders. 

If there is a breeze, the arms will be covered with lace and the lace will grow along the back. 

The bride is crowned with a light brown hat and a Corolla. 

Barefoot or wearing sturdy white shoes, she provides a pleasant natural image in this forest environment. 

Exquisite jewelry designed by Corinna Dolderer, pendants in the shape of acorns and amber gems add to the flavor of the forest. 

Is the forest wedding your theme, too? are you willing to dance in the clearing at sunset?

The little wedding party uses a harmonious invitation from tres oh. 

The elegant color details and spiritual Mandala logo of hand-torn paper are dotted with macarons. 

It ushered in this mysterious bohemian forest wedding in a secret and undiscovered place in the middle of the forest. 

The wedding inspiration is a perfect theme for brides and grooms who like hiking, forest bathing, enjoying all aspects of nature, and also want to celebrate the wedding on a high profile. 

This free love of life is reflected in every detail of wedding decoration. 

Arabian carpets and leather cushions surround wooden pallet tables. 

Dried flowers and pampas grass dominate the beautiful flowers from Shine Studio. 

There is also the color of the wedding and the freshness of orangefarbene Akzent. 

The highlight of the wedding decoration is the forest-colored creative wedding cake and the wooden wedding cake top decoration. 

Eat at a small solid wood table with elegant brown and clay ceramic cutlery. 

The rough surface textures of plates and bowls match perfectly with the stationery and broken napkins next to the bohemian crystal cup. 

Are you inspired?