A jewel greenhouse wedding full of Venice Beach and Moroccan style-2

/September 2021

M's bridal procession, dressed in a patchwork of jewel-colored clothes, pinned the color and energy of the day. 

The hair is made by Style Me Kristi, the makeup is made by Rebecca Casciano, and they are ready to celebrate! 

Our favorite memories at the wedding: 

The ceremony, seeing so many relatives from far and near-and from different corners of our lives in one place, smiling at us, as special as they say. 

My 96-year-old period was the first person I saw when I walked down the aisle; we were always nervous about whether she would come. 

Our dear friend Megan wrote the most touching and special speech for us, and when I heard it for the first time, I was even excited about our union! 

Sharing our vows is so special; I strongly suggest you write your vows. 

Sharing our vows is so special; I strongly suggest you write your vows and make some efforts for them. 

M + J says the Avenue Twelve rattan furniture at their reception is inspired by their Israeli parents and the Mediterranean culture in which they grew up. 

It completely captures the atmosphere of the party and sets the atmosphere for the party. 

Our advice to the newlyweds who are now planning weddings: 

Don't feel like you have to do everything. 

We skip paper invitations, engagement photos, party gifts, cakes (ice cream and fruit instead! 

) or the wedding tradition that didn't resonate with us, I don't regret it. 

Our wedding is exactly what we want. 

We paid for a first-class planner and designer, Jaime of Wild Heart Events, who organized/implemented/promoted our vision, always recommended amazing suppliers with the most encouraging attitude, and negotiated some really good prices for us! 

Seriously-don't be stingy with your planner. 

Seriously-don't be stingy with your planners. 

A professional planner has connections and caches in the industry, and his or her swings and expertise can make things happen to you. 

In all these crazy weddings, M has another important piece of advice for newlyweds! 

I also suggest starting a meditation practice, if you don't have one. 

Wedding planning has a lot of moving parts, and if you are a person like me who likes to finish projects long ahead of schedule, you will struggle because the suppliers' schedules are not like this; they have many other weddings to perform before your wedding. 

Wedding cancellations last-minute additional guests weather problems mistakes and other accidents can also occur so don't be too concerned about anything * married*, should trust that the whole thing you planned will go well and be as good as you and your partner! 

Congratulations to Mindy + Josh! 

Your wedding was amazing! 

From gem-toned palettes and flower-covered wedding dresses to Moroccan-inspired reception decorations and lush flowers, we love it every minute!

Our gorgeous plus size tea length wedding dresses are definitely eye-catching. Perfect for formal functions or informal parties.