A romantic wedding on Lake Como with gorgeous flowers

/September 2021

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These are the most exquisite pink invitations designed by Dodo Design & Co! Every detail of N + M's days is perfectly elegant and ancient, even including N's golden Guinevere Vines bridal hair ornaments.

The dusty lavender bridesmaid dresses make these lush pink bouquets look particularly dazzling!

Nadia needs to find the perfect wedding dress because she was seven months pregnant when they got married. It's hard for her to find a high-quality dress that is satisfying and doesn't make her feel like she's wearing a tent. She had the same problem with most maternity dresses. They feel cheap, or they are made for a model-like body. Then she found that Dyona Dresses's Slovak-based company was focused on creating personalized handicrafts for brides, praising their personalities while using high-quality materials at a reasonable price. Nadia was immediately persuaded.

All we can say is, wow! Evelina Florence Flowers created a serious and dreamy ceremonial background for the wedding on Lake Como! They designed their floral devices with beautiful, fluffy flowers such as roses and poppies. Because they use the least amount of green plants in their design, they can enhance the soft, low-key tone of the day.

N + M exchanged their vows under the famous Italian cypress tree, which is the perfect place overlooking the lake. Do we all agree that this is the most dreamy place?

We fell in love with the soft pendant fabric hanging on the background of the N + M ceremony.

It's gorgeous, isn't it? The desktop decoration from Tableset Luxury Rentals embellishes the floral arrangement, creating an elegant and intimate reception atmosphere.

The perfect pink hues of pink and dust blue continue on the desk at the reception desk. You can get more inspiration to create this look below