At this Joshua tree wedding, amazing water drill boots walk down the aisle-1

/September 2021

A desert landscape that stretches for miles! Skyhouse Joshua Tree must be one of the most magnificent venues for Joshua Tree weddings. Genna and Joel both like this magical open space, so they know it's the perfect place for them to "I want to". Desert Rose Wedding Co. Helped them plan a mini wedding centered on joy, celebration, and, above all, dancing. The day featured a surprise flash dance party in the aisle, diamond bridal shoes, and open-air dining at sunset. G shared more information about how they found the perfect venue:

We are hesitant to hold a wedding, and the decisive factor is that we realize that we want to celebrate all the special people in our lives who helped us get to where we are today. From that moment on, we plan to have a really interesting party where people can enjoy high-quality time together, celebrate love, and dance on the dance floor. We are from Arizona and have had some special experiences in Joshua Tree, so the High Desert feels like the perfect place. Since the whole event will be held outdoors, we will coordinate our date with the full moon so that we will have a bright night sky to celebrate.

Lex and the Lotus Photography took some eye-popping photos. Roll with us, let's have a look!

Dressed in a sleek Pronovias dress and featuring beautiful lace hollowed-out, G looks like a perfect modern bride. Kaelyn Christine Hair and Makeup by Lacie helped complete her glowing golden bridal look.

I like the ceremonial background of this simple geometric shape, set off by this kind of scenery! G + J likes deserts, so it's perfect!

Inspire and be delightfully charming when in our royal blue evening dress . Your will be elated by your enchanting look.