At this Joshua tree wedding, amazing water drill boots walk down the aisle-2

/September 2021

Our favorite memories at the wedding:

Oh, boy, this is a problem, because the whole day (and the whole weekend) is the best moment of our lives, and as corny as it sounds, if I have to pick a moment when I walk down the aisle in the instrumental version of Florence and the Machine 'Dog Days are Over', the surprise dance party begins.

All our friends and family were involved, which was a surprise for Joel. When I walked up to him, he jumped up with the happiest smile and tears in his eyes. Non-stop dance parties are also quite epic. Between my father's microphone and DJ Joe's saxophone tour, a friend's grandmother's wig fell on almost everyone's head, the costume exchange between our master of ceremonies and one of our great friends, and we were lifted into the air by some of our best friends in the last song of the night. It was a party of a lifetime.

Our advice to the people who are now planning the wedding.

Enjoy the planning process and be close to what you are celebrating-the love, commitment, and partnership between two people. Let it be the action that brings people together to experience happiness and witness love. Also get to know your suppliers, who help you make your vision a reality, and living with them can help create a perfect experience.

Planks and Patina offer all furniture rentals for the day. G + J chooses neutral colors and natural materials, such as wicker and wood, so as not to distract attention from the Joshua atmosphere. Everything is chosen for this purpose.

Such an amazing venue! The desert landscape reflected by the mirror is so beautiful. We understand why you chose this place as your vows, Genna + Joel!

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