Eloping on the edge of the cliff of Big Sur, there is an amazing halo of brides-1

/September 2021

Before DeRon + Paloma got married, they attended 12 weddings together as guests. 

Long after their big day, 11 of the 12 couples later told them they wanted them to have an elopement wedding. 

To avoid "showing off" at weddings, DeRon + Paloma knows without a doubt that the best way is to go their way and have an elopement wedding: 

They bring all kinds of unconventional details that we like. 

For example, a bohemian wedding dress with the bride's halo headdress and boots, an eye-catching burgundy suit, and a large number of beautiful flowers to set off the day! 

Here is Paloma's story of how they eloped in Big Sur: 

The inspiration for this day is definitely like the theme of our entire relationship: adventure. 

From flying lessons, sailing, skydiving, cross-country hiking, to moving to all parts of the country together! 

We have always been a couple who like to do things that are a little out of the ordinary and bold. 

Therefore, we naturally hope that the first day of our marriage, which is also our fifth anniversary, can reflect this. 

In that case, "what could be more adventurous than eloping on the edge of a cliff?" 

They brought photographer Tessa Tadlock to capture all the amazing moments, from the first glance to the sunset in Big Sur. 

Let's take a look at it together.

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