How to plan a destination wedding in your own backyard

/September 2021

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You can't go to the place of your dreams? 

Bring the place to you! 

A group of absolutely incredible suppliers teamed up to show you how to plan a destination wedding in your own backyard! 

Really, any place close to home can set the stage for your home trip. 

In this shoot, the supplier chose a charming beach in Greatstone, Kent, England. 

However, if you follow in their footsteps, with gorgeous details, intentional styling, interesting food and decorations, you can bring the atmosphere of these destinations anywhere: 

We want to provide inspiration for destination weddings in the local environment. 

We couldn't go to Tulum, so we took Tulum to the south coast of England. 

Our vision is an editorial lifestyle on the beach, with luxury, stories, purposeful atmosphere, rituals and receptions. 

We are happy to use a real couple as our models and show a lot of gorgeous fantasy inspiration in decorations and dresses. 

Are you ready to dream and design your own home destination wedding? 

Let's get started! 

First impressions are always important. 

Through a beautiful invitation kit like Smith and the Magpie, guests can feel the theme, style and tone of the wedding. 

Choose the perfect location close to home with the atmosphere of the destination you are looking for. 

The supplier wanted to feel like Tulum that day, so they chose a local beach. 

What about other ideas? 

If you want to have the atmosphere of Paris, you can look for a chic cafe or an elegant banquet hall. 

If you want to feel Italian, you can look for a comfortable vineyard or a vast backyard. 

You can change any empty space with destination-inspired decorations. 

Sass Flower definitely nails the soft tropical atmosphere with this incredible floral arch! 

To tell you the truth, it looks like it was taken from the coast of Tulum! 

When planning a destination wedding at home, be sure to consider the color and texture that can take your guests to the place you want. 

When it comes to destination weddings at home, clothing is the key! 

Think about the coveted clothes you will wear abroad, and then do it. 

Think about the dream dress you will wear abroad, and then go for it! 

This bohemian Grace Loves Lace dress is the perfect combination of beach style and fashion style! 

Can't you find the perfect local venue you are looking for with the atmosphere of the destination? 

Turn your own backyard into an oasis! 

Suppliers use Mia Sylvia linen to create a beautiful paradise at home! 

Don't let travel restrictions, logistics or money stop you from holding your dream wedding! 

Thank you very much to this awesome team of suppliers who have shown exactly how to plan a destination wedding at home. 

We can't wait to see the newlyweds adopt this idea and put it into practice!