Individual wedding planning plan

/October 2021

If you want to make your wedding special, you first need to come up with a theme plan. Today's wedding record brings you a starry theme wedding planning case, hoping to help you.

1. Skillful use of flowers.

Flowers are used in every wedding, and flowers are the fastest way to improve the romance of the wedding. Both the road bow and the arch can be decorated with flowers, which not only makes the wedding scene more beautiful but also makes the wedding more warm and romantic, making the whole scene full of love.

2. Setting up the stage romantically.

Don't forget to design a romantic stage when decorating the wedding scene. Wedding cakes, desserts, and wedding photos can be put on the stage, as well as some flowers and plants to increase the beauty, or metal furnishings to increase fashion. A delicate and romantic stage can not only improve the overall level but also reflect the taste of newcomers.

3. A little candlelight.

The candle is also a very romantic decoration, such as decorating with a candle above the table or replacing the road guide with a candle, which is not only romantic but also more sacred and more able to create a feeling of the starry sky.

4. Don't ignore the ceiling.

Newlyweds can collect some layout plans of the wedding scene on the Internet, and they will find that romantic weddings will not ignore the layout of the ceiling. If the ceiling is exposed directly, it will be somewhat ugly, so you can simply cover the ceiling with a mantle cloth, or hang down with ribbons and bead curtains to make the environment more romantic.

5. Wedding table arrangement.

To make the wedding scene harmonious as a whole, the layout of the wedding table can not be less. Decorate the wedding banquet table according to the wedding theme style, decorate it with flowers, dinner plates, table cards, furnishings, and other small items, so that the wedding banquet table also presents a unified style.

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