Industrial style wedding inspiration

/September 2021

An old warehouse, bare walls, big windows-doesn't sound like a wedding? 

We said: yes, it is. 

Such a location is just right for an industrial-style wedding. 

This is also the idea of Christiane Baumgart Love stories, she not only used gorgeous pictures to bring the inspiration of the wedding to life but also took over the planning full of love. 

With a love of details and essentials, the photographer, together with other excellent wedding service providers, created an incredibly beautiful and extraordinary atmosphere at Sch ä forum Bad Humboldt. 

Urban, modern, simple and romantic bohemian style, this shoot created a style of its own. 

See for yourself! 

Less is more-dare to combine different styles or create your style. 

There is no limit to the possibilities, and through the right service provider experts, you can create very personalized color and style concepts. 

Your wedding will be unforgettable! 

A bold combination was made in this styling shoot. 

The modern, urban atmosphere of the industrial style is endowed with so much vitality, plus a little bohemian and romantic elements. 

There has been little change in the location itself. 

Only small details and decorations provide the unique charm of the place. 

A lot of blacks are the used-a color that usually represents sadness and darkness. 

But it doesn't look like that in a combination of Cooper tones, matching flowers, and retroelements. 

On the contrary, black is elegant, noble, cool, and super modern at the same time. 

Metal elements, especially copper, fit perfectly with the industrial style. 

In addition, fairy lanterns, bold red and purple tones of dried flowers, and pampas provide a retro and bohemian atmosphere. 

Therefore, the bohemian theme can be carried out unconventionally, but it is also a kind of beauty. 

From the bride in an absolute bohemian dress to the super sweet and exquisite bridal jewelry designed by Burezah to the perfect combination of decorative elements and furniture, the wedding team demonstrated an absolute gift for small and exquisite details that outline an emotional and appropriate atmosphere. 

Here, you need to have a lot of enthusiasm for the wedding, the love of two people and the right eye for details. 

The inspiration for the wedding also shows how beautiful a simple combination of different themes can be. 

Even if it seems unimaginable at first glance, the photo shows that everything can be put together harmoniously. 

Have the courage to leave a blank, dare to unite, have the courage to find your own personal and your style-this is probably the best wedding motto. 

You don't always have to stick to the theme until the last detail. 

Make it exciting, surprise yourself, and dare to try. 

With the right service provider around you, every wish can come true. 

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