Intimate - colorful Athenian wedding

/September 2021

Simple, exquisite, colorful, intimate, but mainly full of love. 

Katarina and her long-time boyfriend Parker think something low-key suits their relationship, so that's what they planned at Tree Room in Athens, Georgia! 

But just because they keep a low profile doesn't mean it's not beautiful, it's just the opposite! 

Their bridesmaids were all dressed in colorful clothes. 

The bridesmaids wore flower cuffs and the reception was decorated with potted wildflowers from coffee shop jars. After the ceremony, the guests went to a local bar. 

Katrina shared: "because I am married to my long-term lover of 16 years, I hope our days will reflect this, simple and special." 

It's just a low-key gathering of friends and family to celebrate us and create new memories. 

(wearing beautiful clothes and amazing photos to record these memories, of course!). 

Isn't this dress from Sarah Seven of The Sentimentalist the most dreamy? 

We like the soft tulle dress and the way it falls effortlessly off her shoulder. 

Our favorite memories at the wedding: 

Just before walking down the aisle, my big brother looked out beside me and realized that I was moving towards my eternal future, just knowing and feeling that all the love was there. 

Our advice to those who are now planning weddings: 

Decide which wedding details are most important to you and your partner, and finalize these decisions first, and the rest will be implemented.

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