Italian Summer Wedding in downtown Munich

/September 2021

Near the Opera House in Munich, there is an amazing building. 

Opera Hotel M ü nchen inspired a very special styling shoot with his extraordinary charm. 

The wedding concept was orchestrated by All about your Lovestory and helped by Inna Wiebe's amazing decoration concept. 

In impressive pictures, Loredana la Rocca and Salome Sommer can capture the most beautiful moments in photos and films. 

Because of the hotel's location, its history, and your ability to blend into different worlds there, this inspiration is designed with the slogan "Blue whisper". 

A very special concept is needed for this particular place. 

Through different shades of blue, we want to create an Italian summer style, which is very good through the bright exterior walls of the courtyard. 

It combines the charm of styling, the elegance of decoration, and the tradition of the hotel. 

As soon as you enter the hotel, you will find yourself entering another world full of design and Italian style. 

Here, art and culture, charm and nature are closely linked. 

Not only the appearance and special feeling, especially the history of the hotel, moved me immediately. 

The wedding venue in Munich is located in the middle of the metropolis, but it shelters people from the pressure and noise of the big city. 

The inner courtyard, in particular, is still fresh in people's memory. 

Here, everything is very bright, there is wild ivy on the wall, and you can hear the gurgling of the Aesbach River in Munich. 

Natural, romantic, Mediterranean, charming, and fashionable in the hustle and bustle of the city. 

On this basis, an Italian summer will be staged. 

The goal is to combine charm, elegance, and design with natural elements and Mediterranean-style basic ideas. 

We think these photos show very clearly how this is achieved. 

This wedding idea tells us very clearly how important the choice of wedding venue is. 

This place is the basis of a beautiful wedding ceremony and remains forever in the memory of the bride, groom, and guests. 

You should feel comfortable, and then you can create a perfect position for yourself with proper decoration and many small details. 

There is also a feeling of love at first sight when choosing a location, and that specific place can provide a lot of inspiration.

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