Outdoor lawn wedding planning plan-2

/October 2021

Third, the best time to hold an outdoor lawn wedding.

1. The best season.

From May to October, it is the season with sunny weather, dense grass, and suitable temperature, among which May, June, September, and October are the best choices for outdoor lawn weddings.

2. Wedding time.

Except for ordinary weddings, common midday weddings. If you want to hold a lawn ceremony in the afternoon, it is best to choose two periods of time: 3: 30-4: 30 and 4: 30-5: 30. Go to the banquet hall after the lawn ceremony. Even in winter, the temperature and light of these two periods are better and will not affect the effectiveness of the wedding.

What about the wedding venue for outdoor lawn weddings.

If the wedding ceremony is held on the lawn or garden of the hotel, you can move into the indoor banquet hall after the wedding ceremony to continue the wedding and wedding banquet. Lawn buffets and small cocktail parties can also be arranged in the ceremony venue. The basic style of an outdoor wedding is a Western-style wedding, using Western-style or Chinese-style cuisine, a self-help way so that the wedding banquet is more like a family gathering.

Matters needing attention for outdoor lawn weddings.

1. Weather.

Because the wedding planning time is long, it is difficult to predict the weather conditions on the wedding day, we should pay attention to the weather in advance, and prepare windproof and rain-proof tools, such as simple rain shelters and so on.

2. Time.

Outdoor lawn wedding etiquette should not be too long, try to control between 30 minutes and 45 minutes. Consider the feelings of the guests.

3. Wedding banquet.

For example, if you hold a wedding reception outdoors, you should prepare and arrange cutlery, wine glasses, tables and chairs, sunshade umbrellas, etc.: work and prepare freezer, heating equipment, and food transportation. at the same time, pay attention to the high outdoor temperature, the food is easy to rot.

4. Mosquitoes.

The lawn must be pruned and killed in advance, and anti-insect bites should be prepared to prevent these uninvited guests from damaging the mood and appetite of the guests.

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