Say goodbye to the morning robe take pictures with bridesmaids-1

/September 2021

Hi, little fairies, good morning! 

I don't know what stage are you now when you are preparing for marriage? 

Recently, Mo Mo talked to a bride. She said that during the preparation period, she would often fantasize about the appearance of the wedding day, the blessing of the best friend, the waiting of the man in love, and the family all dressed up. 

I can't help but get a little excited every time I think about it. 

But she doesn't like stereotyped weddings. She wants her wedding to be more special, such as not wearing morning gowns with bridesmaids when taking photos in the morning. 

Um ~ I don't seem to know when, the morning robe photo seems to have become the standard for weddings, and the major morning robe shops are also emerging one after another! 


There are many choices about what to wear to take pictures in the morning. Today, MoMo has compiled a creative guide for bridesmaids to take photos, hoping to give you more unique inspiration! 

Clothing section. 

First of all, let's talk about clothes! 

1. Bathrobe. 

Bathrobe photos will be very high-end, and there will be a lot of ladies feel~. 

It is recommended to shoot in a residential or hotel room, with a bath towel on your head and an unwrapped bath towel on your head. 

It will be very sexy to show a little fragrant shoulder once in a while! 

But please remember, the bath towel wrapped around the head must leave a little length out, not all wrapped around the head! 

Because it is a large area of white, so European and American makeup will look more advanced. 

At the same time, earrings, rings, and sunglasses can all increase the sense of styling. If you want to take a picture of a lady in this bathrobe, you can prepare it. 

Pose Guide: you can wear makeup, drink champagne, have breakfast, read newspapers or magazines with your best friends.

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