Take wedding photos of the destination against an epic desert background-1

/September 2021

Do you want to hold your engagement ceremony in a cool, very distant destination? These desert wedding photos are sure to inspire you to book a trip. The White Sands National Park filmed by Sini and David has a killer background and provides a great deal of inspiration for those planning to get engaged in a modern outdoor environment.

Sini said that when taking pictures of them, Sini couldn't think of a better place to experience it with David. Visiting Baisha together feels like sharing a part of her, and she has been eager to show it in front of him. A place that has long been a source of inspiration and a happy place for her has finally become a shared experience between the two of them. " "it's incredible to discover and walk together and feel the connection with the scenery, the aura and each other at the same time," Sini said.

Destination wedding photographer Kaley from Kansas filmed the romantic day and helped add an editing method to the shoot. " They put me in an environment where I can play, "Kocinski said. He added, "I created freely with them, and we all let go of our expectations."

Why did the couple choose to take their wedding photos in the desert?
Sini said she first visited Baisha National Park in 2017, when she was a senior. She went with several of her friends, remembering that she fell in love with this vast landscape of another world and knew that one day she had to come back with David. After her engagement, she found a perfect opportunity to visit this scenic destination again-as the location for their wedding dress photos!

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