The bride's parents built this outdoor wedding background wall: Mukhran Chapel-2

/September 2021

Good Seed Floral not only decorated the church with beautiful flowers, they also finished the bouquet of flowers! 

It has a subtle color relationship with the surrounding scenery, which is so beautiful. 

The bridesmaids wore slippery skirts. 

Darby's girls supplement her wedding dress with their own sweet champagne satin dresses. 

Can you imagine how moved this moment will be after all the damage in this place? 

It's just amazing. 

A comparable outdoor wedding background. 

Flowers and textiles make it a reality, and the scenery is fascinating. 

This steel chapel obviously involves some serious work, but if you want to DIY your own outdoor wedding background, here are some of our most popular ideas to get you started! 

Darby walks down the aisle in Drew Cole's live performance of Waylon Jennings' It'll Be Her. 

Jack was surprised at her song choice! 

Our favorite memories at the wedding: 

Walking down the aisle, I saw all our thoughts come true, all the smiling faces and, of course, my lovely bridegroom waiting for me. 

And what I will always remember is how much fun everyone has. 

It was the freest and most amazing party ever. 

People still text me that this is the best wedding they have ever attended. 

Our live seven-man funk band is also very incredible. 

It certainly helps to make the party unforgettable! " 

Our advice to those who are now planning weddings: 

There is sincerity in spontaneity. 

If you don't think the seating chart is important, don't waste your time on the seating chart and stop worrying about the traditional details. 

Of course, planning is essential for weddings, but letting something "don't plan" is very pure (for you and your guests). 

I really see this when people sit with people they really want to be with, which makes them more comfortable to stand up and dance with other people. 

This is really special. 

In our opinion, sometimes every small detail of the plan seems hypocritical.

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