The dream of a bohemian wedding under the blooming heather tree

/September 2021

When September first spreads its delicate autumn melancholy weight on the grass and woods, nature prepares to die in winter and then be reborn when it wakes up for the first time in spring, yes, perhaps the perfect backdrop for the last outdoor wedding. 

The exquisite hues of lilac and green, in full bloom in September, combined with warm wood, are also the inspiration for this low-key bohemian wedding. 

Folk accessories are supplemented by natural tones and metals, usually gold. 

Flowing fabrics, romantic folds, and lush flowers are the focus of the absolute trend of weddings in nature. 

This is how newlyweds say "yes" in unique way-to nature and love themselves! 

Through this gorgeous photo gallery of Anja Schneemann, you can see for yourself. 

Here, in this autumn-colored environment, nature shows its ability for the last time to make the pink heather sparkle. 

In the middle of the field, we found a dreamy picnic place made of plain oak boards and colorful cushions made of naturally dyed fabric and printed with ancient stamping technology in the mountains of South India. 

Similarly, the overwhelming soil and green tones seem to blend with the blooming heather and play a central role. 

On this basis, coupled with a lush central decoration made up of autumn flower varieties, as well as golden details as a candlestick, add luster to the shining moment. 

We are happy to sit down here-to enjoy the lightness of existence and the moment of true love, or even longer. 

At the center of this outdoor wedding, the combination is a magnificent wooden arch made of recycled wood itself and decorated with a variety of green flowers. 

This turns the wasteland into a romantic grandstand, while some small and special accessories, such as large wicker chairs with natural and gorgeous floral designs, are skillfully integrated into the landscape and become perfect props. 

A truly emotional wedding scene tells an unforgettable love story in a casual bohemian style. 

Next to it is a simple cake table with lace tablecloths and creative sweet works to refine the concept of autumn in berry-colored cooking. 

All of a sudden, the bride and groom appeared in this autumn performance, with their loose, light bohemian wedding style to complete this romantic atmosphere. 

A wedding dress is made of delicate flowing fabric that glides gently along the bride's body. 

In addition, curly, open hair, with elegant hair ornaments, such as headbands or wreaths, make it the protagonist of the wedding. 

An effortless appearance is as natural as the wedding venue itself. 

And he, dressed in a blue suit and stylish bow tie, did the same for the bride in a retro groom look. 

Only the lilac corsage repeats the autumn wedding color.

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