The wedding inspiration of Bonneville Salt Beach in the sky is witnessed by stars

/September 2021

Sometimes a deal can be done with just one eye-popping photo. 

We are willing to bet that this photo of chasing the moon will affect more than one of you to plan a dreamy salt beach wedding or elope! 

If this photo is not sure, there is more love ahead, but first, let's talk about the location! 

Saline-alkali soil is an ethereal phenomenon. 

Salt flats are an ethereal phenomenon, covering a stretch of ground with salt and other minerals. 

They usually occur in deserts and form naturally from evaporated lakes or ponds, and the Bonneville salt fields in northwestern Utah are the largest of their kind. 

Of course, this environment is unparalleled in the coolest elopement competition! 

Celebrities and weddings have been popular for some time, and Brittney Couture Photography certainly has a celestial passion. 

She shared her thoughts on the amazing inspiration for elopement. 

This may be a recent trend, but I always like to incorporate stars into it. 

To illustrate this point, the Bonneville Salt Field is the perfect place to highlight this atmosphere. 

I've had this idea for a long time, and we want to create a moon-like celestial atmosphere for the whole shoot. 

Especially this opening picture! 

I call it "dirty dance posture". 

Their chemical reactions are written on the stars. 

In addition to the dreamy dry bridal bouquet and star style, there are a variety of portraits of elopement immersed in the moonlight and all these salty love. 

The bride's dress is provided by Boom Blush and comes from Raw + Golden Rentals. 

Of course, we can support swinging an epic line at your wedding! 

The bright white reflection in the sun gave the dress the upper hand. 

Surprisingly, this dry bridal bouquet has injected so much vitality into this overall aesthetics! 

Who knew dried flowers could express so much content? 

Who knew dried flowers could speak so well? 

This bouquet is radical and gives people a great deal of shaping. 

The 1001st reason to elope in Bonneville Yantian: you can let the moon bear witness to your marriage! 

Fell in love with the celestial details sprinkled with her entire bridal style. 

Chasing the moon is an understatement. 

In the final analysis, we are here to elope at the Yantan wedding. 

We encourage everyone to explore their celestial body.

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