The wedding under the chic Brooklyn roof is pure joy-1

/September 2021

This is the stool wedding we can't satisfy! Elaine Welteroth (you may know that she is a best-selling author of the New York Times, a judge of Project Runway, and a former editor of Teen Vogue) and her soon-to-be husband, musician Jonathan Singletary, have more different ideas about their wedding.

Evil J met in a church in California, and a few years later, when Jonathan went to town for a job interview, they re-established contact in New York. Elaine called it "one of those unexpectedly interesting, typical New York City nights, getting better and better until it became unforgettable." For more information about the wonderful stories behind this couple, please check out their special report on Vogue!

Fast forward a little bit-the venue has been booked, the theme has been identified, and the plan has been launched. And then. Here comes COVID. After facing the fact that things had to change, Evil J decided to change. They realized that their Brooklyn porch had become a haven during quarantine and began to get excited about the idea of saying their vows on their doorstep! Their mantra became "be yourself". Their mantra is: "do the best thing you can do with what you have." Since then, block parties and weddings that are out of touch with society have begun to take shape.

From the aisle of the Soul Train to a complete dance party, the wedding was full of joy. This is real proof that love cannot be canceled. Let's take a look at the photos from Belath é e Photography!

Elaine is counting on the "Vernon Franc" ois of her life.

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