The wedding under the chic Brooklyn roof is pure joy-2

/September 2021

For her dress, Elaine chose an unlabeled white dress that had been hanging in her wardrobe for three years. She put on her mother's veil as a borrowed thing-beautiful and meaningful! She said.

Do you know the amazing flower devices that appear in the most unexpected places in New York? These gorgeous "gifts for New Yorkers" thanks to Lewis Miller Design- and their team installed a whimsical flower arch that framed the front door of E + J's brownstone building!

Jonathan wore a white vintage suit coat borrowed from a friend, paired with white linen trousers and sneakers.

Before Elaine walked down the aisle, they handed out invitations to their neighbors to join them on their porch! 200 relatives and friends celebrated through a magnifying glass, and a small number of local relatives joined in person. 200 families and friends celebrated virtually by zooming, and a small group of local relatives attended in person.

Here she comes! All the IRL guests (hi, Karli Kloss! ) got a mark for them to stand on, and a FaceTime buddy to show Elaine what she looked like when she danced on the aisle of the Soul Train! This is very important.

On the big day, as planned, our guests formed an aisle on the sidewalk. When I walked up to Jonathan, he was waiting on the top of our porch. I saw my grandmother's face, my parents-in-law's face.

Everyone in the aisle has become the actual gateway for our closest relatives to come from afar. In this way, the people we love most have made new connections with each other. It's really special and exciting for everyone.

Elaine + Jonathan are married by their longtime pastor in California via Zoom!

Guests (in real life and a virtual life) are given an all-white dress code! This is a challenge for them.

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