The wedding under the chic Brooklyn roof is pure joy-3

/September 2021

Elaine shared a powerful story about their first dance on her Instagram:

At our isolation wedding, our priest announced through a magnifying glass: "you may kiss the bride!" A New York Police Department car drove towards our house, flashing lights and blowing horns. I saw all the worst that could happen between the black man and the police flash before my eyes.

But then I saw Jonathan's smile and the whole community hugging us with their love, tears of happiness on their masks. We decided that at that moment, we would not let anything or anyone take away our happiness. We hold hands, and in the face of very real anxiety, fear and uncertainty, we dance in the street toward the unknown.

Suddenly, by the grace of God, in the most unlikely wedding, miracle-the police turned off the siren. They stopped yelling. When the whole neighborhood burst into cheers, they just drove past.

As they passed by, my knee bent, and I fell to the ground. When I melted into tears, a wave of relief and disbelief surged in my heart. When I stood up, our song started again, and we started our first dance again. This time, we don't have to worry about our lives or the safety of the community, because the community knows very well how impossible such an outcome is in a predominantly black neighborhood in BK.

Now, just four (long) weeks later, I am sure that in a country where black people are murdered every day, our first dance is an act of resistance than gathering in a pandemic.

Guests got heart-shaped bubbles in the gift bag, as well as gloves, masks, mini tambourines, flower seed bags, and homemade chocolate cakes from Elaine's mother's family recipes.

The couple sent their wedding party playlists to everyone in advance so that they could join the dance party.

The most beautiful day ever. Full of love. Full of resilience! This is the wedding we all need right now. Thank you, Elaine + Jonathan, for moving forward and sharing your charming day with the world.

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