Blue wedding site layout

/October 2021

The blue wedding scene arrangement means that the wedding ceremony of the couple uses a blue theme for arrangement. The blue-themed wedding can be designed on the blue seaside, or the blue-themed wedding scene can be arranged indoors. The layout of the two blue-themed wedding scenes is relatively simpler. Some. Blue wedding site layout

It is most suitable to design a blue-themed wedding site on a sunny summer day, because the best blue wedding site layout can be created whether it is indoor or outdoor, making the entire wedding site present a blue Fairytale Wedding in the Kingdom of Colors. So how should such a blue theme wedding scene be arranged?

One: The layout of the blue wedding scene must first determine which blue to use as the theme colour. Blue includes sky blue, sea blue, azure blue and other shades of blue. These blues create a blue wedding. The on-site effect is naturally different, and the specific nature should be determined according to the preferences of the newcomers, so as to fully satisfy the newcomers.

Two: Blue wedding site layout If it is designed on the blue sea, then the layout of such a wedding site is slightly simpler, in order to very well reflect the blue of the seawater to the wedding, you can use a variety of The reflector with the reflective effect so that the blue of the seawater will naturally give the wedding scene a dreamy feeling. The decorations used can be matched with white or light blue, and can also be decorated with colourful or transparent crystals and various flowers to present a dreamlike environment on site.

Three: The layout of the blue wedding scene should pay attention to the design of the welcome area and the sign-in area and the home arena should be well distinguished so that guests can find these three important places very well. The welcome area must be designed more solemnly, after all, it is a place for newcomers to greet guests again, and it must be of high quality. The sign-in area must be comfortable so that guests feel that attending a wedding is a very pleasant thing. If the wedding is at home, you must pay attention to romance and warmth.

In fact, the layout of the blue wedding scene must pay attention to the details. For example, wedding invitations, cakes, souvenirs, bouquets, bridesmaid dresses, corsages, etc., all need to choose blue as the main colour design and then match some Other colours, so that each of the items can achieve the ultimate beauty effect.

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