Butterfly theme wedding

/November 2021

A butterfly-themed wedding is a wedding in which butterflies and butterfly-shaped objects are arranged for the wedding ceremony. Through the use of butterflies and butterfly-related objects to decorate the wedding scene, wedding welcome cards, wedding photos, wedding trinkets, bouquets, souvenirs, etc., to create a warm wedding. Butterflies are the representatives of loyalty in the insect world. They are loyal to love and have only one partner in their lives. At the same time, the butterfly is the same as the old one, so the butterfly is also used as a borrowed finger for longevity. Therefore, the butterfly is used to symbolize the loyalty of the two lovers to love and to accompany each other to the end together. Butterfly theme wedding

The butterfly is the embodiment of loyalty and beauty, so many couples adopt butterfly-themed weddings to convey their loyalty to each other and good wishes for marriage. The butterfly theme wedding is very beautiful, so let's take a look at how it should be arranged. First, there is an arched door decorated with a butterfly shape at the entrance of the wedding venue, and a butterfly-shaped welcome board is placed next to it. The name of the bride and groom is written on it, and it is decorated with colourful butterflies.

A butterfly-shaped signature pen is placed on the sign-in table. The butterfly picture is used as the background. The wall and the edge are covered with butterfly pendants, which looks even more beautiful. The ring holder is even more lovely with a bow knot. The best man and bridesmaids wear bow jewellery.

A cute bow is tied to each tableware on the dining table, and a pink bow is also tied to the dining chair. On the invitation, draw two cute little butterflies, both staying and flying. The cute bow is tied to the souvenir bag, which is more in line with the wedding theme.

In the wedding ceremony, a butterfly-shaped background board is placed on which are the wedding photos of the bride and groom. They wear lovely bows and are surrounded by beautiful butterflies. All kinds of beautiful wedding photos are shown to relatives and friends. At the same time, petals are used on the wedding ground to form two butterflies in the shape of two staying and flying to convey a beautiful meaning.

The butterfly-themed wedding is warm and beautiful and has a good meaning. The couple can choose this themed wedding according to their wedding ideas and budget, and use this wedding to express their loyalty to each other and want to stay and fly with each other for a long time. , The good wishes of determination to grow old together.

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