Campus themed wedding

/November 2021

Campus-themed weddings are based on campus-related elements as the theme and tools of the wedding. Through youthful campus elements and the layout of the wedding venue, welcome cards, road guides, invitations, wedding banquets, wedding gift boxes, wedding photos, etc., are combined together. Give the couple a youthful and romantic wedding. The campus-themed wedding witnessed the loyal love of the couple from campus to society, from youthful to mature, representing the couple's innocent feelings for each other and their loyalty to love. This century wedding also allowed many people to witness their long love run, full of envy and blessings for them. Campus themed wedding

If the new couple has grown up from the youthful long-distance love race on campus, they will step into the marriage hall. Then their wedding is suitable for campus-themed wedding, which is very memorable. In the design of the wedding venue, we can set the venue to look like a classroom, and then put the venue on a wide playground-like open space, so it's as if they were getting married on campus.

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The wedding greeting card uses a small blackboard on which their names are written in chalk, and then they are painted with beautiful love, which looks very innocent. The guest sign-in desk can use a writing desk, and then make a roll call table from the school days, which is more innocent. You can put some books on the table and make some animal-shaped desserts, which is more youthful and energetic. On the invitation, you can print the cute appearance of two elementary school students on the surface to reflect the theme of the wedding

When the bride and groom are taking their wedding photos, they can also choose campus-themed photos, wear school uniforms, ride a bicycle, holding a blackboard, and hug in the playground. The guest sign is at the sign-in desk. Colourful balloons are tied to the wedding ceremony, and pictures are tied to the balloons so that relatives and friends can see how happy they are. At the beginning of the wedding, the groom rode the bride on a bicycle, slowly riding, super romantic.

Campus-themed wedding romantic youth is the transformation of the bride and groom from the youthful campus to the maturity of the society. It is a commitment to their love for themselves and their companions, whether it is the young you, the current you, or the old you later, It will always be you, always together. I think this is the meaning of campus-themed weddings.