Chinese wedding arrangement

/October 2021

Chinese wedding arrangement refers to the on-site arrangement, stage arrangement and so on on the Chinese wedding. Chinese weddings can be said to be more difficult to set up than western weddings. This is because Chinese weddings are very particular. Many Chinese-style props are used. The makeup of the bride and groom is relatively more complicated and the price is relatively higher. More expensive. Chinese wedding arrangement

Many contemporary Chinese young people still like ancient wedding ceremonies, so many new couples like Chinese weddings very much. If you want to create a grand Chinese wedding, you must ask a professional Chinese wedding company to help. Let’s talk about the Chinese wedding arrangement.

One: The homes of both men and women of a Chinese wedding must be carefully decorated, especially the man's home. In the homes of both men and women, there must be a festive big red happy character, whether it is household appliances or fruit trays, or any furniture in the house. The beddings must be in even numbers, and they are generally red. There must be 18 items, including four quilts, four mattresses, two pairs of pillows, two pairs of cushions, and so on. The bed is made by a blessed person. After the bed is made, peanuts, red dates, lotus seeds, chestnuts and other dried fruits should be sprinkled on it, which means that you will give birth to a precious child early. In the bridal chamber, there should be red candles, auspicious dried fruits and snacks, and Chinese tableware.

Two: Chinese weddings naturally also have to set up the wedding scene, and the wedding scene should also have a Chinese taste. Chinese-style ornaments can be added to the wedding scene. For example, the passageway in the wedding scene should use red lanterns as a guide, so that the entire wedding scene atmosphere is very festive. The dragon and phoenix patterns can be used on the stage. The entire welcoming ceremony must be opened with a lion dance, and the bride has a sedan chair led by a matchmaker or a big sister. The tableware used on the wedding banquet table must be Chinese style, and the flowers on the table must be elegant and chic. Also, the boxes used to hold candies must be consistent with the overall style of the whole wedding, and the pastries are also matched with the Chinese style.

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After seeing the above Chinese wedding arrangement, do you think it is very cumbersome? Chinese weddings are more cumbersome, but the feeling it brings to the new couple is unforgettable for life. The new couple may wish to ask the planner of the wedding company to do it alone and determine the one they like. The effect of the final Chinese wedding must be more comparable. OK.