Chinese wedding cheongsam

/December 2021

Chinese wedding cheongsam is mainly the traditional cheongsam style, which is also the type that many brides prefer. The slim skirt can highlight the perfect figure of the bride, and the length of the knee is just right. There are also some cheongsams that look more fashionable. Through the choice of fabrics and decorations, as well as the changes in length and slits, the pure colour fabrics and some finishing touches of Chinese elements make the cheongsam more fashionable in decoration. Chinese wedding cheongsam

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How to make brides who choose Chinese wedding cheongsam look more beautiful? What I have to say is the choice and collocation of cheongsam. In fact, no matter what type of cheongsam, when choosing a cheongsam, the fabric, style, colour and personal figure and temperament of the cheongsam are considered comprehensively. At the same time, pay attention to the details of the bride's suitable hairstyle, hair accessories, shoes, and makeup. This comprehensive consideration can make the bride look more beautiful and dignified. Let us discuss how to match it.

The best choice for matching with Chinese wedding cheongsam is real silk satin fabric or real silk embroidered shoes. In addition to looking magnificent, real silk is also very comfortable. Getting married is a happy thing, but it’s good for newcomers after a whole day’s process. Will feel very tired, so comfort is still something that needs to be considered.

The colour is best to be red, peach and other festive colours so that it matches the overall colour of the wedding. It must be noted not to wear black wedding shoes. Although black has become a fashionable or even classic colour in modern times, it is a very unlucky colour in ancient Chinese traditions dating back to ancient times. Generally, you should use it. At the funeral. Therefore, remember not to wear black wedding shoes when wearing a Chinese cheongsam. Generally, the colours of shoes you can choose are red, green, gold, etc., which are all very good.

There are some other small details that need to be mentioned. The colour of Chinese wedding cheongsam should be similar so that it will not feel abrupt. In fact, the most important thing is to see which type is suitable for the new couple’s preferences and temperament, whether it is The noble queen fan, the cute princess style or the sexy feminine style must be based on the bride's own style, so as not to feel uncomfortable, and to be able to show the best side of the bride at the wedding.