Chinese wedding groom dress

/December 2021

Living in a country of etiquette, people pay great attention to procedures and dignity in all things. Getting married is a major event in life, and it must not be slacking off. Many people are troubled by the many choices of Chinese bridegroom costumes. Different dresses have certain historical sedimentation, and the historical features of these costumes are also people's enthusiasm for weddings. Chinese wedding groom dress

From ancient times to the present, China has been known as the "state of etiquette", and there are etiquettes in the country's laws and people's customs. In terms of wedding customs, Chinese weddings also have a lot of exquisiteness. After a period of Western wedding craze, people now choose more and more wedding styles, and Chinese weddings have also begun to become the mainstream. In a Chinese wedding, in addition to etiquette, on-site environment layout and other factors, clothing is also a very important part. There are many choices in Chinese wedding groom dresses because the times are changing, and different bridegroom wedding dresses have been derived from each dynasty stage. Today, let's take a look at the historical evolution of these bridegroom wedding dresses.

There are dragon and phoenix gowns, Xiuhe dress, cheongsam, Chinese tunic and so on in Chinese wedding groom dresses. Among them, dragon and phoenix gowns and cheongsam are the most typical, and they are also the dresses that often appear in modern Chinese weddings. Because there are so many choices of clothing nowadays, unlike ancient times, it is not necessary to tailor it. Therefore, most people decide what the bride wears before deciding what the bridegroom wears. The bride's clothing in a Chinese wedding directly determines the groom's clothing type. If the bride chooses a cheongsam, then the groom can only wear a gown that matches the cheongsam and so on.

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Among Chinese wedding gowns, most of them wear dragon and phoenix gowns. This type of clothing needs to be customized. Now many celebrities are more inclined to choose dragon and phoenix gowns. In ancient times, dragon and phoenix gowns were only affordable to large families, and also represented the meaning of great wealth. The choice of clothing can be customized or ready-made. The price of customized clothing is higher, and some of them will be more expensive because of the rarer embroidery method. But this type of clothing, whether it is for the bridegroom or the bride, is of collectable value.

Long robe and mandarins are also the choices of many Chinese wedding groom dresses. This type of dress is more traditional, so it is not easy to make mistakes. The matching of tunic suits is relatively rare now because it tends to be more modern, but the matching of dragon and phoenix gowns and tunic suits is not incompatible, and it is also a popular trend in Chinese wedding costumes.