Chinese wedding invitation

/January 2022

Chinese wedding invitations are the most traditional and formal invitation forms for the newlyweds to the guests. The wedding banquet invitation is like the banquet ticket for the wedding of the couple. It is directly related to the face of the couple, and it can also reflect the overall style of the wedding banquet and the personality and taste of the couple. It is the most sincere invitation for relatives and friends to witness and bless newcomers. Chinese wedding invitation

Although an invitation may seem to be a very small part of the entire wedding, its role cannot be ignored. Nowadays, Chinese wedding invitations are no longer only traditional elements. After these years of evolution, they have also undergone some changes. Many new innovative design concepts have been integrated into them, making the invitations very fashionable and modern, but It contains some traditional Chinese elements that cannot be replaced.

The writing of invitations is also more exquisite, including title, title, body, honorifics, signature and date, etc. The writing of the content of the invitation can show how much the couple attaches importance to the wedding, and it is also the first impression for the guests. A good invitation can increase the guests’ expectations for the wedding and have more expectations for the wedding. Generally, the external two-character invitation card will be designed to be more atmospheric. The red invitation card with golden large letters is the most common combination, and it will also appear more solemn. The content of the invitation card is generally written with a black pen and does not require special ornate rhetoric. It needs to be sincere and sincere. The name of the invited person should vary from person to person. It is best not to be the same. The most important point is to clearly write down the specific time and wedding location. At the end of the invitation, write the blessings to relatives and friends. This will increase the goodwill of the invited people towards the newcomer.

The colour and style of the invitation are generally complementary to the wedding. You can also design some simple antique patterns, which can better reflect the traditional culture and highlight your erudition. Finally, you can add an invitation colour to the appearance. The matching ribbon is tied into your favourite style, adding a bit of naughty element to the invitation, making the overall look formal and cute.

As the saying goes, there is nothing difficult in the world, only those who are interested, as long as the new couple chooses carefully and designs with patience, a Chinese wedding invitation of their own style will appear in the hands of your relatives and friends, which can add a different splendour to the wedding.


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