Chinese wedding lines

/January 2022

Chinese wedding lines actually refer to blessings often used by the master of ceremonies to preside over the wedding. From preparing for the wedding to receiving the relatives, the scene, including the whole process of the wedding, will appear. A good line can make the wedding more complete, and it can also highlight the host. The cultural connotation of people can add to the wedding ceremony, so the lines are strict, humorous and respectful. Chinese wedding lines

About the opening of the Chinese wedding line: Dear guests, good morning, welcome everyone to attend the wedding of the bride and groom on this sunny spring day. I am the host of this wedding. The newlyweds expressed their heartfelt blessings, wishing them a happy wedding, tied the knot, mandarin ducks playing in the water, and old age together.

Secondly, you are welcome to come to this wedding in your busy schedule. On behalf of the new couple, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you again. Ten years of cultivation have been able to ferry together, and a hundred years of cultivation have been able to sleep together. Let us welcome the bridegroom to appear on this good day. Now let us use the warmest applause to welcome the handsome groom holding beautiful flowers to greet the most beautiful bride!

Everyone looked at the door, and a pair of newcomers slowly walked towards us holding the red silk at both ends of the red hydrangea. It really reminded me of a few words: the newcomers arrived in the hall, the guests were sitting on both sides, the talented men and beautiful ladies were matched, and the drums sounded in the sky. Welcome newcomers to Xitang.

Look at our bridegroom today, full of energy, full of energy, dressed in a Tang suit, look awe-inspiring and personable, and look at our bride, who is beautiful and dignified, gentle and kind, and the bright red dress makes the bride look more skin-skinned. White and beautiful, like a flower like a jade. The two are really talented and beautiful, and they are in perfect harmony. Once again, I wish the two newcomers a good moon and a long time. Everyone once again sent their blessings with applause.

Next is the wedding chapter of Chinese wedding lines: Guan Guan Jujiu, in Hezhizhou; a gentle lady, a gentleman. Below, please invite the handsome bridegroom to join the beautiful bride to bow down together. Thanks to heaven and earth for a good relationship, I hope the couple will reconcile with each other, and Luan and Feng will reconcile. In the second respect, Gaotang kowtows for kindness, and wish both parents enjoy family life, happiness and well-being. Husband and wife will hold each other for life and hope that the new couple will have an early son, and they will be together for a hundred years. Li Cheng, bless the couple to raise their eyebrows and stay with each other forever.

The last part is the end of the Chinese wedding lines: this exciting wedding is coming to an end soon. At this point, I announce that the bride and groom are officially married. In the days to come, I hope you will fly with each other and wish the couple a happy journey. Married life, thank you again for coming to your family and friends.

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