Chinese wedding opening remarks

/January 2022

When it comes to Chinese weddings, some of the processes of Chinese weddings are indeed quite cumbersome. Many people have a feeling of being spared but lacking energy. A very important part of the marriage is the host’s opening remarks. As for the opening remarks It represents one of the important factors for the success of a wedding. It is very solemn. Of course, there are many cases of making jokes because of insufficient level. Therefore, the opening words of the wedding are mainly divided into the opening, receiving the bride, entering the venue, introducing the newcomer, By Gaotang, the wedding ceremony constitutes these main parts. Let's take a look at the relevant process! Chinese wedding opening remarks

The opening words of the wedding are usually distinguished guests, friends, and elders. Hello, everyone! Today is the xx month xx of the lunar year XXXX year, first of all, welcome everyone on this happy and beautiful day.

Witness this wedding ceremony together! At this moment, the good time has come, and the emcee xxx solemnly announces to you: The wedding celebration of the son of x house and the daughter of x house now begins! Courtesy of the bridegroom debut! In the early morning of the wedding day, the groom will go to the garden to pick the most beautiful flowers and present them to the bride he loves.

If the bride accepts the groom’s love, he will gladly receive the bouquet from the groom. At this moment, the father entrusts his beloved daughter to the outstanding young man in front of him. He believes that the outstanding young man in front of him will take care of the baby. Responsibility for the happiness of a daughter's life.

Introducing the newcomer: I will introduce a couple of newcomers to everyone... Now, I invite a couple of newcomers to salute all the guests and pick a hijab: I don’t know the bride’s true face, just because it’s covered in a hijab", in order to let everyone see the bride’s beauty as soon as possible. , Below we ask the groom to pick a hijab.

Then it is also divided into the following steps of the uprising and worshipping heaven and earth: One worship to heaven and earth gods, the harmony made by heaven; worship the earth again to match marriage; three worship to thank heaven and earth as a matchmaker, lovers will eventually become relatives! Thank you parents for nurturing; pray again, and do double filial piety to your parents in the future; pray three times, wish your parents health and happiness! The newcomer turned around!

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 Wedding ceremony: dear guests and friends, let us use applause to navigate the new couple and open the chapter of their life for their beautiful love. Please the bride and groom to express the most sincere gratitude in the hearts of all the distinguished guests present, thank you, thank you.