Chinese wedding sedan chair

/January 2022

The sedan chair for marriage means getting married because the existence of the sedan chair makes the whole wedding more interesting. Most people prefer Chinese weddings. Compared with Western weddings, there are advantages between the two, so since I chose For a Chinese wedding, the sedan chair is a must-have item. Just look at the analysis of the editor before making a decision. Chinese wedding sedan chair

It should not be easy for two people who are in love to be able to enter the palace of marriage, and it is also an extremely happy thing for two people, so when they get married, many new people have a headache because of the need There are many things to prepare,

In many places, when the customs are different, we can see that the forms of marriage are also different. In recent years, traditional Chinese weddings have gradually become popular among young people. Since traditional Chinese weddings have been chosen, the sedan chair is a highlight.

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So why did ancient Chinese women take a sedan chair when they get married? When did the sedan chair start, to make the wedding more interesting, the sedan chair has become one of the first choices for young people to get married?

I believe everyone is not unfamiliar with the sedan chair. I have watched a lot of TV dramas. The sedan chair is also called Xijiao. It is a means of transportation for traditional Chinese weddings.

It is usually decorated with red to imply festive auspiciousness, so it is commonly known as the big red sedan chair.

The sedan chair has been called a sedan chair since ancient times, and it is a means of transportation used in traditional Chinese weddings. The exterior looks more brightly decorated. Red is often used for decoration, which also implies a festive and auspicious meaning, so it is commonly known as the big red sedan chair.

There are also many types of ancient sedan chairs, and the sedan chair used varies according to different places and status. Ordinary people usually use the sedan chair carried by two people for marriage. The curtains covering the sedan chair are made of big red-colored silk, embroidered with auspicious patterns such as rich flowers, Danfeng Chaoyang and Baizi map, decorated with gold and silver, to set off the lively and festive atmosphere

Compared to the big sedan chair carried by four people for those wealthy, the dress of the sedan chair is the same as that carried by two people. Everyone's idea of choosing what form to use for a wedding is different. As long as the new couple likes it, everyone can accept it. It doesn't matter what form it is.