Chinese wedding show Wo clothing

/January 2022

Xiuhe clothing is very common in Chinese weddings. The prototype of Xiuhe clothing is the Manchu clothing that combines the beauty and gentleness of Jiangnan women under the inheritance of generations. The shape is more elegant and the lines are softer. In addition, the craftsmanship of Xiuhe clothing is complicated. This type of clothing is very pleasing in Chinese weddings and has richer meanings in detail. Chinese wedding show Wo clothing

Throughout the entertainment industry, more and more celebrities are also beginning to tend to Chinese weddings, such as Chen Xiao, Chen Yanxi's wedding, and Myolie Hu's weddings are all using Chinese-style processes and clothing configurations. Western-style weddings have always been the dream of many people, but after seeing more, Chinese people still tend to have a local culture in their bones. In Chinese weddings, the bride's clothing can be said to be a highlight. Nowadays, the bride's clothing is actually very changeable, but the specifications are the same. Generally, it is inseparable from the dragon and phoenix gown and the Xiuhe clothing. The Chinese wedding dress is of the Xiaojiabiyu type. After a lot of improvements, the gorgeousness is not inferior to that of the dragon and phoenix gown.

Chinese wedding show clothes originated from Manchu costumes, which were improved from Manchu costumes. Compared with the cheongsam, Xiuhe clothing is more gentle and feminine of Han people, and Xiuhe clothing can be spread out on the bed to form a very beautiful shape, while the dragon and phoenix gown is straight and cannot achieve its malleability. The Chinese Xiuhe suit reflects the femininity and dignity of Jiangnan women. The ancients pay attention to the good colour head and the good meaning of marriage, so there are many headdress accessories to match the Xiuhe clothing.

Nowadays, at Chinese weddings, more and more people like to choose Xiuhe clothes. Normally, it takes about three weeks to customize a set of Xiuhe clothing, and because this type of clothing is composed of nine embroidery pieces, the process is very complicated. The embroidery on Xiuhe clothes also has craftsmanship. Not only now, but it also takes a lot of time for ancient people to sew wedding clothes. Some families even start preparing wedding clothes before the birth of their children, which shows the complexity of the craftsmanship. sex.

There are many historical meanings behind the Chinese wedding show and clothing. In Xiuhe clothing, there are usually dragon and phoenix embroidery, a hundred birds, mandarin ducks and other themes. The words of the dragon and the phoenix imply auspiciousness and happiness, the mandarin ducks represent the loyalty and beauty of love, and the hundreds of birds imply beauty and ordinary freedom. Embroidery is now not only for viewing but also for making people happy and truly pleasing to the eye.

Now whether the wedding is Chinese or Western, the blessing for the couple is the most important thing. The blessings of the Chinese are implicit and restrained, and it is also sufficient in Xiuhe clothing.

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