Chinese wedding theme

/January 2022

Chinese wedding themes refer to the themes that can be selected in the form of a Chinese wedding. The theme is the characteristics and core of the wedding. Many people think that Chinese weddings are all the same. This idea is completely wrong. Chinese weddings have many themes, and the wedding effects brought by different themes are also great. not the same. Chinese wedding theme

Naturally, Chinese people hope that the form of the wedding will have a Chinese taste, and there are many Chinese wedding themes with a Chinese taste. The newlyweds can determine the most suitable one according to their actual situation and personal preferences. The wedding becomes an impeccable wedding unforgettable for a lifetime.

1: Chinese red theme wedding

The representative color of China is red. As a festive color, red has a history of thousands of years in China. It has the meaning of prosperous, auspicious, and evil spirits. Chinese red theme weddings can be said to be the most common. The main color of the wedding scene is red, such as red lanterns, red candles, red drapery, red rose flowers, red invitations, red dresses, and so on. Of course, the Chinese red theme wedding can not all be red, otherwise, it will be too dull, you can match some golden big happy characters or simple and elegant tableware to enhance the atmosphere of the wedding scene.

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Two: Lotus pond moonlight theme wedding

Presumably, many people have seen the protagonist and heroine hold a wedding in the moonlight of the lotus pond when watching the costume drama. They rent a boat on the lotus pond and use red curtains and lanterns to decorate the boat very festively. It is possible to take another boat to the wedding bed to pick up the bride, set off firecrackers, and complete the wedding with everyone’s blessings.

Three: Garden theme wedding

In Jiangsu and Zhejiang, there are many Chinese-style garden buildings with a Chinese flavor. These garden buildings can be said to be like the gardens of the ancient royal family and nobles. The wedding couples in these places have the meaning of rich wealth. The colors used in garden-themed weddings must also be Chinese red, and only Chinese red weddings are Chinese weddings.

Four: Ink-and-ink Danhong theme wedding

It can be said that the ink-and-wash Danhong is very popular among the Chinese, and the ink-and-wash landscape brings a very strong fragrance of books. Ink and red theme wedding is a new Chinese wedding theme, and it is also very popular at present. It is more suitable for scholarly families and highly educated newcomers.

Do you all know about Chinese wedding themes now? Choose one for your wedding!