Creative wedding plan

/December 2021

Before the official start of a wedding, it is necessary to go through sufficient preliminary preparations. Pre-planning is an essential part. The creative wedding planning scheme refers to a more innovative way to make an overall plan for the process and arrangement of the entire wedding. This kind of preparation is very necessary, and a lot of details need to be involved in the preliminary preparation process. Creative wedding plan

For many newcomers, wedding planning is a headache. But it doesn't matter if you don't have experience, because there are so many wedding planning plans for everyone to refer to. For example, there are many types of creative wedding planning programs for everyone to choose from. Here are two reference templates for everyone, I hope they will be helpful to everyone.

The first is a memoir-style wedding.

First of all, to provide you with a more creative wedding plan is to remember a new wedding. This kind of wedding emphasizes reviewing the past of the two, so it is more suitable for those who have known each other for a long time. For example, if it is a childhood sweetheart relationship, then at a formal wedding, it is actually possible to make some meaningful photos and/or videos in advance for playback. Since childhood, the two grew up together. This kind of friendship is very rare, so the memories on the scene are also very meaningful and romantic. This kind of link may not be available at many weddings. Instead of focusing on a sense of ceremony, it is better to add these creative little romances.

Followed by surprise and blessing weddings.

Because in the general wedding process, the host's process is very obvious. Generally speaking, there will be speeches from various elders and newcomers, and there may be some singing and dancing performances on site. In fact, if the situation permits, it is also suggested that the groom can find a very meaningful person as the guest of blessing on the spot before the formal wedding. You can present surprise blessings on formal wedding occasions. This choice of characters is very important. In a formal wedding, it will be a big surprise for the bride

The choice of the above two schemes has corresponding conditions, and it is also recommended that you design a more creative scheme according to your own needs. In general, the most important thing about creative wedding planning is to have your own heart. How to be more innovative is also something that everyone needs to consider according to their own situation, and cannot be carried out in a unified manner according to the template.

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