Doraemon themed wedding

/December 2021

The Doraemon series of cartoons have been accompanied by the growth of a generation. Now as a form of wedding, Doraemon themed wedding represents happiness and romantic, represents the new couple’s memories of childhood, and also represents the new couple’s hope for the future life It can also be so exciting and so happy. Doraemon themed wedding

So how can we make Doraemon themed weddings reflect their own characteristics and style?

Food: From the food point of view, newcomers can prepare cakes and Doraemon’s favourite Dorayaki in advance, and put cute Doraemon next to the food. The plates or paper boxes used to hold the food should also have the Doraemon logo. Especially the small box containing the wedding candy, it is necessary to highlight the cute cartoon character of Doraemon.

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Decoration: The decoration of the Doraemon theme wedding is also very important. Only through clever decoration can the romance and characteristics of the theme wedding be highlighted. Doraemon themed weddings need to choose blue curtains and carpets to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. If conditions permit, some cute clowns can be arranged on the scene to arouse the atmosphere of the scene. You can also let the children at the scene wear Doraemon costumes and play cartoon characters to make the wedding more interesting.

Ceremony: The biggest feature of a Doraemon theme wedding is that it is more lively. Because Doraemon represents people’s childhood memories, the wedding ceremony does not need to be too complicated and cautious. In addition to the common procedures, magic performances can also be added to the wedding ceremony. Because Doraemon itself has the attributes of a magician, many things can be transformed from his chest pocket.

Gifts: Some small gifts are indispensable at the wedding scene. When choosing a gift for a Doraemon-themed wedding, you can directly choose the doll in the cartoon. Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka and other dolls and rag dolls can be given as gifts. You can also send some posters and postcards related to the cartoon Doraemon. The gifts at the wedding scene do not have to be expensive and luxurious. These small gifts represent the gratitude of the new couple to the guests. You must choose something with commemorative value.

Any wedding has a special meaning, and the meaning of a theme wedding is to reflect the aesthetics of the new couple and their expectations for future life through specific theme elements and to express their attitudes towards married life in this way