Group wedding process

/November 2021

As a new type of wedding, group weddings are in contrast to traditional Chinese weddings. They were passed down from Western weddings. Group weddings have made the wedding more lively. Why not do it for young people nowadays. ? The process of a collective wedding is based on the process of an individual wedding and is different from the process of an individual wedding. Group wedding process

In China, newlyweds are not restricted in the choice of the form of marriage. The wedding forms are more diverse, and the newlyweds can choose according to their own preferences. As a new way, collective weddings have won the love of many young people. It is mainly to advocate people to save money, not to be excessively extravagant, and to establish correct wedding values and consumption views. It is indeed popular among young people of the right age, but not all Everyone accepts that the tenaciousness of traditional wedding ceremonies cannot be conquered. Some people even think that a wedding that is too simple will be ignored, so it is still expensive to set up a banquet. The collective wedding process is also relatively new and popular among young people.

The general process of a group wedding is relatively simple. There are more people attending a group wedding, so a large venue is needed to walk into the venue with the hands of lovers. In order to be novel and newcomers, it is best to form a meaningful formation, so that the aerial drone shooting will look better. What is indispensable at the wedding is the attendance and blessings of the parents. Because of the large number of participants, the organizer selects a parent in advance to speak to the new couple on behalf of the parents at the wedding site, imagine the future of the couple, and put forward their own requirements to the newly-married daughter-in-law And look forward to. The most important part of the collective wedding process is the exchange of wedding rings. With the accompaniment of the wedding march and the applause and blessings of the guests, the couple put on rings each other.

A wedding is a serious and happy beginning. It is another life in life. Although marriage is a major event in life, it is better not to cause too much waste, otherwise, it will be counterproductive. It’s not good if you don’t have the joy and happiness of the wedding, so the group wedding process is also one of the reasons why today’s young people like group weddings and tourist weddings.

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