Hotel wedding planning program

/December 2021

Holding your own wedding in a hotel requires a lot of preliminary preparations. And these early preparations and overall style design and other factors are the main content that needs to be planned. The hotel wedding planning plan is actually to make an overall plan and arrangement for these details so that you can achieve the best results when you are on the wedding scene. Hotel wedding planning program

Many new couples now choose places like hotels when they hold their weddings. Because the overall environment of the hotel is relatively comfortable, and a lot of preparations can be made in the early stage. The spacious environment can also fully reserve a lot of space for the performance of the newcomers. So it has always been favoured by everyone. And the hotel wedding planning plan is also the object of everyone's key consideration, and I recommend two.

First, the Chinese wedding planning scheme.

The first thing I recommend to everyone in the form of a Chinese wedding. This form is relatively more traditional in style, so the colour matching is also dominated by red. Both the stage and the setting should choose a colour like big red, and newcomers also need to wear this kind of brighter clothing. From the overall form, it can also be equipped with some characteristic lion dance and other traditional Chinese programs to add to the excitement. The hijab in the bridal costume can be used as a major feature of a Chinese wedding. It is more unique to hold such a wedding in a hotel.

Second, Western-style wedding planning.

The next thing I recommend to you is the western wedding style. This form is currently the main direction of hotel wedding planning. Most people will adopt a wedding scene with white as the main tone. The bride and groom also need to wear long skirts and suits, which are representative of Western traditions, as their main costumes. The walking stage and the background need to be equipped with some flowers and other settings commensurate with the white main tone. So its theme is completely different from the Chinese theme, and overall it is more dreamy and formal. Therefore, it is also a way that many women prefer.

Of course, to hold your own wedding in a hotel, the most important thing is to look at the preferences and needs of the couple. The current two main plans are both feasible in form, and relatively speaking, they are also relatively common forms. So everyone can use this as inspiration to have a more customized plan for your wedding. Such a hotel wedding planning program is the most in line with its own characteristics.

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