How should the newlyweds prevent unexpected events on the wedding day?

/October 2021

You will inevitably encounter bad things on the wedding day. A perfect wedding is what every new couple wants. But there will inevitably be various emergencies, so how should the newlyweds deal with emergencies on the wedding day? Here are a few coping skills.

1. What to do if the heels of high heels are broken on the wedding day

The necessary shoes on the wedding day high heels, if the new couple meets that is unlucky, but don't be nervous, don't forget that the length of the wedding can help you cover up this embarrassing problem. To prevent such emergencies, when buying wedding shoes, be sure to choose a pair of good quality wedding shoes suitable for you, so as not to be affected by crime on the wedding day.

The toast accidentally soiled the wedding dress

What should I do if I accidentally fiddled with the wedding dress on the wedding day? At this time, the bride must be very anxious about the stains on the wedding dress. Don't worry, if it is caused by red wine, you can put a dry towel on the lining of the wedding dress, or drop a few drops of white vinegar to scrub, because it will help absorb the moisture.

3. What to do if it rains on the wedding day

The so-called plan cannot keep up with changes, and things like rain are unpredictable. Therefore, the wedding date should be set in the first half of the year, and it is best to prefer summer weddings. But the weather forecast says that there may be rain on your wedding day, so you need to prepare a few more umbrellas and rain boots to prevent the bride's dress from getting wet.

4. What to do if someone gets drunk on the wedding day

This should be the most common thing on the wedding day. Many people get drunk, so we must also pay attention to the safety of the guests, contact his family or return to the hotel room as soon as possible to avoid bad things that disturb the wedding after drinking. order.

5. What to do if there is a traffic jam on the wedding day

If you encounter a traffic jam, don’t be anxious, even if you get married today, another car will not give you the way, so you should contact the wedding hotel or the person in charge of the wedding to tell you the current situation and let them solve it for you. . At the same time, we must also think about preventing traffic jams. Before marriage, it is best to check the route and road conditions the night before the wedding.

Facing sudden events on the wedding day may not be in your plan, but we must take into account when preparing the wedding, and be prepared to make your wedding go smoothly on the day!

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