How to arrange the purple wedding theme?

/October 2021

The colour matching of the wedding directly affects the visual enjoyment. Purple represents courage, courage, nobility, mystery, depth, maturity and romance.

If the newlyweds want to hold an unforgettable purple-themed wedding, they will have to introduce the next arrangement.

I. the layout method of purple wedding theme.

1. Lighting.

The purple lighting effect can best explain the atmosphere of the wedding scene.

Wedding scene layout is necessary lighting design, commonly used lights are mainly transparent colour, as long as the colour of the light into purple, in the purple lamp shining, the wedding scene is very decent, but also can highlight the purple theme of the wedding effect.

2. Purple screen.

Gauze screen can not only make the wedding scene layout become romantic and beautiful but also as a looming pattern division, in the purple light shining, luxurious.

Of course, the layout of the screen should be planned according to the scene of the wedding hotel, which should be discussed with the wedding planner in advance.

3. Bridal bouquet.

The purple bridal bouquet is one of the details that purple wedding scene has to pay attention to. Since you choose a purple wedding, of course, you have to choose a beautiful purple bridal bouquet.

You can choose purple roses, pink roses, violets and so on to match each other, with Orioles as a foil, and finally wrapped in white satin, very good-looking.

4. Seat card.

A round seat card decorated with a purple bow highlights the texture of the wedding from the details.

The round card jumps away from the previous square fixed pattern, playful and lovely; the purple bow decorates it gracefully.

These small seat cards are scattered on every table of the wedding banquet, quietly reflecting the romance of the wedding.

5. Purple tablecloth.

The layout on the table can also use a purple tablecloth, purple tablecloth to echo the purple-themed wedding, with some light-coloured cutlery on the table, you can distinguish between tablecloth and cutlery, and increase the hierarchical sense of the wedding table, which can make the scene atmosphere be full of elegance and luxury.

The above is about the purple wedding layout matters needing attention, want to form a beautiful dream purple wedding scene, the participation of the newlyweds can not be less!

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