how to plan for a sunflower theme wedding

/October 2021

Imagine the feeling of being in a sunflower field. Surrounded by big sunflowers, the breeze blows, and the skirt swings with the sunflowers. Isn't this beautiful? If you want to retain this beauty, you can hold a sunflower-themed wedding to create unique and beautiful memories in the sunflower that represents hope and light.

Now let's take a look at the sunflower as the protagonist in the sunflower-themed wedding, and where it is suitable for the wedding.

Bouquets: The bride's bouquets are very important and must conform to the wedding theme. Therefore, sunflowers should be chosen as bouquets for sunflower-themed weddings. If you think all sunflowers are a bit monotonous, you can add some gypsophila and forget-me-not. These two kinds of flowers are very common and won't overwhelm you. If there are only sunflowers, you can tie a white ribbon on the sunflowers, which can also play a decorative effect.

Headdress: The headdress is the finishing touch to the bride's overall dress. Many brides like to use the crown as the headdress because the crown can make the bride look like a princess. In a sunflower-themed wedding, the best headdress is the sunflower itself. Insert one or two sunflowers directly on the head or use sunflowers to make a wreath and wear it on the head. This headdress will make the bride look unique.

Corsage: brides, grooms and guests who come to the wedding can use sunflowers to make corsages. Sunflower is a very common flower, but it has good meaning because it always grows toward the sun, which means light and hope. Using sunflowers as a corsage implies a kind of blessing, and hope that people's lives are full of light and hope.

Wedding car decoration flowers: The car used at the time of marriage often needs to be decorated carefully. In a sunflower-themed wedding, the wedding car can choose to use sunflowers to decorate. For example, use sunflowers on the hood of a wedding car to look like a heart, or put a circle of small sunflowers near the license plate. If you think it’s strange to use sunflowers to decorate your wedding car, you can choose yellow roses to decorate. The two are similar in colour, but you need to pay attention to the difference in style.

There are many particulars in wedding design. In order to better highlight the characteristics of sunflower-themed weddings, you can also place some cakes and desserts on the wedding site. You can invite the hotel’s professional pastry chef to make a sunflower-themed cake to make this delicious and beautiful cake graces the wedding.

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