Japanese wedding ceremony

/November 2021

To highlight the grandeur of the wedding, we must pay attention to the sense of ceremony. As a major event in life, the wedding is the thing that needs the sense of ceremony most. The key to choosing a Japanese wedding ceremony is to experience a feeling of Japanese style. From the matching of music to the matching of dresses, as well as the design of the process, the greetings of the ceremonies, and the part of worshipping the gods, more systematic and rigorous planning has become a very important choice in the overall ceremony. Especially in terms of overall cooperation, a perfect and executable plan is the key and key point to reflect a more ritual sense, and it is also a prerequisite for a grand scene. Japanese wedding ceremony

For the overall design of the wedding scene, how many relatives and friends are present is very important, and all planning must be carried out around this. The characteristic of Japanese wedding ceremonies is a typical Japanese taste, so each couple has a clear goal to design, and they also book a venue based on their own situation to design the overall link. For example, choosing a church, choosing a lawn, or choosing a hotel can all have a Japanese ceremony, but the layout of the venue, the matching of dresses, the reservation of the ring, and the preparation of the relevant details of the process are the key points of the overall ceremony. It is especially important to choose a good master of ceremonies as the chief priest.

In Japanese wedding ceremonies, the process is relatively complicated, and the entrance ceremony is very grand. Before and after the entrance, the congratulatory speeches and speeches of the emcee are very many, which are the core of the comprehensive preparation. From another perspective, the process of offering wine to the gods and serving meals is particularly important in Japanese weddings. It not only effectively enhances the grandness of the ceremony, but is also a very serious procedure, which is also a characteristic of Japanese weddings. At this time, you need to prepare certain equipment, someone to operate, but also consider the position of the newcomer and the position of the matchmaker. In the overall ceremony, the newcomer is in the forefront position, and the matchmaker couple follows closely behind. This is also a Japanese characteristic.

From the wedding ceremony, looking for more traditional elements, as well as the integration of new fashion, this is also a very innovative place in the Japanese wedding ceremony. From the overall ritual process, it has become more and more common to increase the process of eating cakes and exchanging rings. This link is placed after offering wine to the gods and when sending toasts, it allows newcomers to have an updated interactive space. . Of course, the Japanese music and the overall atmosphere are not available in the ceremony. To engage in a special wedding, the cooperation of relatives and friends is also very important. You can add process reminders and time arrangements to the invitation so that all relatives and friends can prepare in advance.

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