New Chinese Wedding Ceremony Process

/December 2021

The traditional Chinese wedding process is very complicated, but now the new Chinese wedding ceremony process is relatively simple. On the one hand, because of different times, people have different understandings of the marriage culture. Another aspect is that traditional Chinese weddings have more processes and a longer time, which is not suitable for the fast-paced life now. Now let's take a look at the main links in the improved new Chinese wedding ceremony process. New Chinese Wedding Ceremony Process

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First: The host makes a speech. Every wedding has a host. The host's role is not only to make the wedding more ritual, he runs through the whole of a wedding banquet. The rhythm of the wedding, the process of the wedding and the effect of the wedding are completely determined by the host. Therefore, the host's initial speech is the first step in the new Chinese wedding ceremony process.

Second: the entrance of the bride and groom. The host's speech was to warm up the atmosphere, and after the speech was the entrance of the bride and groom. When setting up the admission link, you need to communicate with the bride and groom in advance, and also take into account the situation of the wedding banquet, try to ensure the sense of ceremony of the admission ceremony.

Third: The bride and groom make a marriage vow. The bride and groom are the protagonists of the wedding, and the first thing the couple needs to do after their debut is to make a wedding vow. This is a link where true feelings are revealed, and it is also the link that makes people cry the most, so newcomers need to master their emotions.

Fourth: The bride and groom exchange marriage tokens. After saying the marriage vows, the next thing to do is to exchange marriage tokens. You can choose a ring as a marriage token, or you can choose what the couple thinks is the most meaningful.

Fifth: The bride and groom drink a cup of wine. After exchanging marriage tokens, it is to drink a cup of wine. This link is relatively simple, that is, the newlyweds face to face and drink their wine hand in hand.

Sixth: The bride and groom offer tea to both parents (changing tea) to the new couple. After drinking a cup of wine, you need to offer tea to the parents of both parties. The process of toasting tea is also a process of changing your mouth. Both parents will take out red packets prepared in advance and give them to the new couple as a fee for changing their mouths.

Seventh: The bride and groom salute everyone, and the host announces the ceremony. The bride and groom and each other's parents can pay tribute to everyone, and at this time the host announces the ceremony. The whole new Chinese wedding ceremony process has ended here.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom put on toast suits and toast according to their kinship.

Not all weddings have to be carried out in accordance with this process. The new Chinese wedding ceremony process is very flexible, and the couple can choose the process according to their actual situation.