Pink champagne theme wedding

/January 2022

In a pink champagne theme wedding, the decoration of the wedding is very important, because pink represents innocence, romance, and sweetness, while champagne represents texture and nobility. If you want to combine the two, you must start with the details of the wedding, so that the wedding can have both the beauty of pink and the texture of champagne. Pink champagne theme wedding

Decorations: The creation of a pink champagne theme wedding requires suitable decorations, such as Barbie dolls, pink roses, champagne roses, etc. Barbie dolls can be placed in the middle of the wine table so that guests attending the wedding banquet can directly feel the main style of the wedding. Pink roses and champagne roses can be used as brides' bouquets or flower arches. The veils used on the wedding scene should be pink and decorated with metallic pendants or balloons.

Jewelry: The newlyweds must prepare some suitable jewelry when attending the wedding, such as metallic bracelets, necklaces, crowns, and so on. Some people will choose gold jewelry, but it is not necessary. The jewelry needed at the wedding scene is more to set off the atmosphere and provide services for the entire wedding. Therefore, it is expected to choose inappropriate gold jewelry, it is better to choose suitable metal texture jewelry.

Passageway design: To facilitate the guests to seat at the wedding site, special passageways are often designed. In the pink champagne theme wedding, you can choose more romantic and beautiful decorations to arrange the passage. For example, pink flowers are used to decorate the aisles, and metal color signs are used to remind guests to find a suitable location.

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Music: Wedding music is very important, it can set off the atmosphere, different themed weddings require different styles of music. A pink champagne theme wedding requires romantic music, such as Liang Jingru’s "Warm and Warm", "Love You Isn't Two or Three Days", "Little Hand in Hand" and so on. In a theme wedding, sensational music is by no means the best choice, music that fits the wedding theme is a good choice.

Dress: A pink champagne theme wedding needs a dreamy and romantic dress that the couple can dress up. The bride can wear a wedding dress that represents romance and sweetness, such as a pettiskirt, a cake dress, a big wedding dress, etc., and the groom can wear a light pink suit or a white suit. This dress is more in line with the requirements of the wedding theme.

The special thing about weddings is that they are willing to spend their time decorating, and are willing to give each other a grand and grand wedding. The pink champagne theme wedding is both romantic and elegant and can be the most unforgettable memory in a couple's life.