Red wedding arrangement

/October 2021

The red wedding arrangement refers to the arrangement of the wedding scene with the theme of red. Red weddings are all Chinese weddings, and people nowadays basically choose new Chinese weddings. After all, the old-fashioned Chinese weddings in the past were too complicated, and it was too exhausting for the newlyweds after a day of the wedding. So how should the red wedding scene be arranged? Red wedding arrangement

Nowadays, the number of people choosing Chinese weddings is increasing. Chinese weddings are all based on the theme of red. The festive red theme weddings present the joy and harmony of the Chinese. What are the tips for red wedding decorations?

One: Red wedding decoration. The decoration of the wedding site must be very festive, boldly use red, and build a stage for the newlyweds to worship heaven and earth. The background of the stage should have the words "Double Happiness", and some graceful and luxurious peonies should be added, which means that you can bloom and have wealth and happy married life. A square table and two chairs should be placed in front of the stage, a candlestick should be placed on the table, and the table and chairs should be covered with a curtain with blessing, presenting a very festive and auspicious feeling.

Two: Red wedding decorations, the tabletop of the stage should also be covered with a red carpet. When the new couple opens, there should be a lion dance team to perform. If the colour of the lion dance team is red or golden. The wedding scene can use some red Chinese style decorative elements, such as firecrackers or Chinese knots. Of course, you can also put some chilli peppers to show that it is booming. The fabric used should be red, and the whole red colour presents a sense of solemn ritual.

Three: Red wedding arrangement, the wedding invitation of the couple must be red, the red wedding invitation can make the guests happier. New couples’ clothes must be red. For women, they can be ancient bridal makeup or red cheongsam. For men, they can be red tunics or suits. If you want to have a cake, you can also make a big cake with red as the main colour to increase the festive atmosphere of the wedding.

Everyone should be familiar with the above red wedding decorations. The red wedding arrangement must be unified and harmonious in style, only in this way can it present a perfect wedding scene effect. It is recommended that you find a wedding planner from a professional wedding company to tailor the exclusive wedding scene design so that you can have a unique wedding scene effect.

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