The difference between a Chinese wedding and a Western wedding

/December 2021

In the overall wedding process design, there will be big differences. The difference between the venues of Chinese weddings and the Western wedding is even more obvious. For example, Chinese weddings are mainly at home or in hotels, and the main link must be indoors, where both parents are the main seats, while Western weddings are churches, outdoors, beaches, lawns, and so on. Costumes are also different. Western-style wedding dresses include wedding dresses and suits, while Chinese-style wedding dresses require Xiuhe, dragon and phoenix gowns, and Hanfu. The difference between a Chinese wedding and a Western wedding

The difference in the venue is the primary difference between Chinese weddings and Western weddings. The Chinese style is more traditional and simple, while the Western style is more flexible and full of changes. However, the key points in the process are different. After the ceremony, the Chinese style is a traditional wedding banquet, and it is good to eat and drink. In the Western-style process, receptions, dances, and music performances can be enriched in different forms. Because of the possibility of change. Especially for a Chinese banquet, it is the main cost, and it is necessary to pursue a large amount and a large number of dishes to let relatives and friends eat well. Western-style banquets are more simple and refined, so eating is not the main purpose, but a process.

In the difference between a Chinese wedding and a Western wedding, there is a big difference in the process, and the standards and characteristics of the ceremony are also different. In a Chinese wedding, it is important to worship heaven and earth, to offer tea to the parents, and to change their mouths. In Western-style weddings, there are mainly vows, exchange of rings, bridegroom kissing bride, and bouquet throwing. Generally, church weddings will also design a photo session with all relatives and friends, and then there will be food during the hotel process. The process of cake. This difference is the most obvious, and it is also the key to how the couple chooses when choosing a wedding. Of course, in modern weddings, there is also a combination of Chinese and Western practices, which the public likes very much.

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The above is the difference between a Chinese wedding and a Western wedding introduced by the editor. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.