The wedding background picture

/October 2021

The wedding background picture actually refers to the background wall of the main stage of the wedding. Of course, there will be a small background wall in the reception area, reception area, and so on. The exquisiteness of the wedding background directly reflects the grade of the wedding, so the wedding designers of the wedding company will first design the wedding stage background, and then use this as the focus to design the entire wedding scene. Wedding background image

In fact, the wedding background pictures mainly look at the design of the background wall of the main stage of the wedding. The design style of the main stage must be consistent with the on-site design style of the entire wedding. At the same time, it must have its own highlights, so that it can highlight the main stage. focus. The design of the background wall must be careful not to be too complicated because too complicated will give people a very annoying mood, and then do not use the active atmosphere of the wedding scene. So how are the more popular background pictures designed? Let's take a look at the editor below!

One: Red theme. Chinese people choose red as the main colour when they get married. The wedding background picture of red as the main colour is naturally red. There are several traditional red designs. The first is the English wedding blessing. Introduce the names of bride and groom officials in Chinese. The second type is the word "Daxi", and the surrounding decorations use peony flowers or red roses. The design style is also very new, and the specific couple can go to the wedding company to pick one.

2: Pink theme, the pink theme is liked by many little princess girls. For example, the wedding of Tang Yan and Luo Jin some time ago was themed with pink. The pink-themed wedding background image can also be combined in English and Chinese, but it should be noted that the design style cannot be traditional and old, and a new design should be adopted. You can also use a lot of pink roses and add some small blue flowers to embellish it, showing a very expensive effect.

Three: Blue theme. The blue theme is also very popular among young people today. Most blue themes use light blue. Light blue has the feeling of blue sky, giving people a very refreshing natural effect. The wedding background image of a blue-themed wedding can mainly show romance so that the wedding can have a strong sense of love.

What do you think of the above three wedding background image styles? Choose a theme colour and style you like to decorate your wedding scene! Let your wedding be an impeccable perfect wedding that will be unforgettable for a lifetime.

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