The wedding ceremony pavilion

/October 2021

The wedding ceremony pavilion refers to a ceremony pavilion designed to hold the wedding outdoors instead of the main stage so that the wedding host can stand in the ceremony pavilion to preside, and the new couple can also complete the wedding ceremony in the ceremony pavilion. In addition, in the hot summer, the wedding ceremony pavilion can provide a good shade for the newlyweds, so as to prevent the makeup on the faces of the newlyweds from sweating and becoming bloomed by the sun. Wedding ceremony pavilion

Today's outdoor weddings choose to design wedding ceremony pavilions. Of course, some couples also like to design ceremony pavilions for indoor weddings, but relatively speaking, they are not as good as outdoor weddings. Then the ritual pavilion is not built with hardwood or coloured steel, but selected light materials, such as hard plastics, thin steel pipes and so on. So what are the styles of the ceremony pavilion at the wedding?

One: Modern style. The modern style of wedding ceremony pavilion is more common. Lightweight moulded flower gates are used, flowers and vines are woven around the flower gates, and a space inside the pavilion is built next to the flower gates. The frame is covered with light veils, which presents a very fairy-like ritual pavilion, which represents a holy fairytale kingdom of love. If it is indoors, just arrange a beautiful flower door directly, and decorate the inherent space inside, and the result is a very beautiful ceremony pavilion.

Two: Fresh style, halal style wedding ceremony pavilion is a very simple layout, it needs four iron bars of two meters two to three, fixed on the lawn. Then use four curved iron bars to converge to a vertex to form a simple small pavilion. Then put a curtain cloth around the iron rods, and decorate each iron rod with flowers made of the curtain cloth, and such a simple ritual pavilion is completed. And don’t forget to put a white carpet inside the pavilion.

Three: European style, European style wedding ceremony pavilion can be said to be more luxurious, the shape of the pavilion can be round, the meaning is complete. The top of the pavilion can be decorated with white veils. The veils must be carefully created to create a very beautiful flower shape, and flowers are used to create the pillars around the pavilion.

Through the introduction of the above three styles of wedding ceremony pavilions, which one do you like? In fact, there are many styles of ritual pavilions, and you can design and choose according to your own preferences.

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